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The network books, recordings of LinkedIn webinars and the networking CD

The networking book "How to REALLY use LinkedIn"

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More than 280 million people have a profile on LinkedIn and some connections. However the most heard questions are: why should I be on this website? How does it benefit me? And how do I get results without spending too much time?

In "How to REALLY use LinkedIn" Jan and Bert don't only reveal the true power of LinkedIn, but also shows a short and effective 5 step plan to get results fast: craft an attractive Profile, establish your basis network in 30 minutes and effectively and efficiently expand your network.

Furthermore there are advanced strategies to find new customers, a new job, new employees, partners, how to get more out of your referral club membership and how to attract more members if you are running a (professional) organisation.

Together with answers to the 22 most frequently asked questions, an overview of 24 little known features that can make or break your LinkedIn efforts and a list of free tools to save time when working on LinkedIn, this makes "How to REALLY use LinkedIn" thé ultimate guide for success on LinkedIn.

Get an idea of the book by browsing through the table of contents, testimonials and press reviews of the Amazon best seller "How to REALLY use LinkedIn" at Remember to download your FREE copy !


The networking book "Let's Connect!"

Networking Book

From his experience in his training courses, coachings and presentations Jan Vermeiren, de Networking Coach, derived for you the essence and put it in his first network book "Let's Connect!"

Do you want to know more about networking than you can find in the free e-course or on this website, but you don't have the time or the budget to attend one of the training courses? Then the book "Let's Connect" is a first step to get more insights in what networking really is all about and to make your first steps to network more effectively, more efficiently and with more fun.


The recording of the LinkedIn Steps to Success Webinars

book networking, cd network, book

On a regular basis LinkedIn Steps to Success Webinars are organised.

These webinars are web seminars that go much deeper into topics like:

  • How to create an attractive LinkedIn Profile.
  • How to build and expand your LinkedIn network.
  • Personal and Company Branding.
  • 10 ways to find new customers using LinkedIn.

For people who have missed the live webinars, the recordings are made available for a small fee.


The networking CD "Let's connect at an event"

If you want to get a taste of the CD, you can listen on-line to the free lite CD. Fill in the form at the bottom of this page and you get instant access to the lite CD.

Do you want to order the full CD right away? Then order it via

Networking CD

Is one of your biggest challenges attending receptions, business mixers and other network events? Then the CD "Let's Connect at an event: 30 immediately applicable network tips to make every event a success" is exactly what you need.

The CD has three parts:

  • Preparation: what do you do before you go to a network event so you feel more comfortable and get a better result (tip 1 to 7)
  • Event (tip 8 to 23):
    • How do you make contact?
    • What do you say next?
    • How to end a conversation?
    • And lots of other topics like: who do you approach first, how do you make contact with a group of people, how do you introduce myself,...?
  • Follow up: what do you do after the event? How do you make sure your investment in time and money gets a "return"? What do you say? And what is a good frequency? (tip 24 to 30)

Why a CD? Many people don't have time to read, but spend a lot of time in their car when they go to work. That is an excellent time to learn something by listening to a CD. Worst case, you can listen to the CD at the very last moment: when you are on your way to a network event. If you listen to the CD at that moment, your results will increase dramatically !

Do you want to order the full CD right away? Then order it via

If you want to get a taste of the CD, you can listen on-line to the free lite CD. Fill in the form at the bottom of this page and you get instant access to the lite CD.

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