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Free Networking E-course

Also available in Dutch.

What is an e-course?

Next to our networking and referral training courses, workshops and presentations which are experienced live and together with other people an e-course is a course that is sent via e-mail. It is divided in small chunks which will be sent to you on a regular basis.

p> In the case of this networking e-course you will receive 15 e-mails. In the next weeks you will find an e-mail in your mailbox every three days. In this way you already have a short introduction into networking in no time.

Why a free e-course?

Lots of people have difficulties with one or another aspect of networking. The reason of setting up this website, e-course and the training courses, workshops and coaching is to help as much people as possible to improve their networking skills.

Not everybody has the opportunity to follow workshops though. Others are not aware of the sometimes subtle things that make the difference in being successful in establishing and maintaining contacts or not. For them the e-course will be a kind of an eye-opener.

In order to give you a kind of "first networking aid" and to give you the opportunity to learn something about the basics of networking, Jan Vermeiren, the founder of Networking Coach has developed this e-course for you.

Remark: this e-course only contains networking fundamentals and basic insights in how to build a relationship with people, how to network with people at events and how to be successful with LinkedIn. These are just the tips of the icebergs from our books and training courses.

deze e-course behandelt enkele fundamenten van netwerken en basis inzichten m.b.t. hoe een relatie op te bouwen met mensen, hoe met mensen te netwerken op een receptie of ander evenement en hoe succesvol te zijn met LinkedIn. Dit zijn slechts fracties uit de boeken en onze opleidingen.


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