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Presentation | Networking | Training | Referral | Workshop | Speaker | Consulting

Overview networking workshops, referral courses and presentations

You can hire the Networking Coach team for several networking and referral training courses and consulting.

Workshop Referral | Course | Consulting

This is an overview of all workshops, training courses, coaching, consulting and advice we offer in open format (we also adapt them together with our customers for in-company projects). You can also find our offer via the submenus:

  • Workshops:
    • Basic workshop networking
    • Basic workshop referrals
    • How to tap into the power of your network to find a new job
    • "What's your Sticky Story©?"
    • How to REALLY use LinkedIn
  • Networking Training Courses:
    • Training Course Networking At An Event
    • Proactive Networker Training Course
    • Smart Networking Training Course
  • Referral Training Courses:
    • Booming Business Training
    • The Power of Networking and Referrals Training Course
  • Interactive Presentations (for example)
    • Networking at an event
    • Everlasting Referrals
    • How to REALLY use LinkedIn
  • Strategic consulting:
    • How to integrate networking in your sales strategy (referral strategy)
    • How to integrate networking in your recruitment strategy
    • How to stimulate networking at your own event

There is also the Everlasting Referrals Home Study Course and the book "Let's Connect" and the CD "Let's Connect at an event" which can be purchased as a single copy or in larger amounts as a relationship gift.

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