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Networking Coach

Who are the people behind Networking Coach? What motivates them to help people and organisations to network better?

Networking Coach - Bert Verdonck, Netwerken, netwerking, netwerk en Referrals, LinkedIn

Bert Verdonck is the General Manager for the Professional Development & Training department within Scredible. Networking Coach is one of the brands of Scredible.

Bert Verdonck is the author of "How to REALLY use LinkedIn (2nd edition)" and the "Small LinkedIn for Dummies". He is also the co-author of many other books including Your Book in 100 Days, 175 Lifehacking Tips and The Wealth Garden.

Bert is a guest lecturer at Kingston Business School (London, UK) and TEDx speaker.


Networking Coach - Jan Vermeiren, Netwerken, netwerking, netwerk en Referrals, LinkedIn

The name of the founder of Networking Coach is Jan Vermeiren.

Jan is the author of the networking books "Let's Connect!" and "How to REALLY use LinkedIn", the networking CD "Let's Connect at an event!" and the "Everlasting Referrals Home Study Course". According to HR Tribune he is one of Belgians top 10 speakers.

Jan is currently active at Soul Business, which he also founded. In 2014, Bert, together with an external partner, took over Networking Coach from Jan.  


Both "Let's Connect!" and "How to REALLY use LinkedIn" were best sellers on the US website of This made Jan the first Belgian author to reach this position. In the Netherlands the Dutch version of "How to REALLY use LinkedIn" reached the number 1 position on the website of


Besides Bert there is an international team of trainers, actors and coaches.


Why focus on Networking?

Bert noticed in his professional career and in his private life that lots of people are looking for ways to become more successful (you may have your own idea of what "success” means in your own situation).

Most people and organisations look right over what’s lying right there under their noses: the networks they already belong to. Instead they look around for expensive and complex solutions. Just by paying attention to these networks, by mapping them and then taking action, every individual and every organisation can make big leaps forward.

Moreover, the team of Networking Coach gives you tips and advice on how to deal with your contacts in an easy and pleasant way. This can even be reinforced by using the software that is available to every one.

So, networking can be made more fun and more successful!


Nice to know: the Networking Coach team has been selected by LinkedIn to be the first worldwide certified LinkedIn training partner for their LinkedIn Live sessions.



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