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Networking and referral speaker - Presentations on Networking and Referrals

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Bert Verdonck, is sought after as a networking speaker and speaker about referrals on events, conferences, seminars, lunch meetings and other events.

A presentation could be about:

  • The basic principles of networking
  • Practical tips about networking
  • How to get referrals
  • Networking for a job
  • Career & networking
  • Effective networking on events
  • How to network on the Internet
  • Networking & Referrals
  • Effective ways to integrate networking in your sales strategy
  • How to integrate networking in your recruitment strategy
  • Sticky story, elevator story or elevator pitch
  • How to tap into the power of online business networks?
  • How to REALLY use LinkedIn
    • In general
    • To find more customers (for sales people, business owners, account managers, business development managers,...)
    • To find a new job
    • To find new employees
    • To find the people who can help you get your work done faster (experts inside and outside your organisation, suppliers, partners,...)
  • and more.

The topic of networking is also ideal for conferences. Bert Verdonck is regularly hired as a networking speaker for:

  • an opening speech: to emphasize the importance of networking between the participants at the conference and to get them in action right away.
  • a closing speech: to give the participants concrete tips how to network on the cocktail drink

If you have your own idea about a topic or if you want a networking presentation or presentation about referrals that is modified to the theme of your conference, the Networking Coach team will happily work with you to create a presentation that the participants will remember for a long time! Contact the Networking Coach team to discuss this further.


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