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Networking and referral speaker - Presentations on Networking and Referrals

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Jan Vermeiren, the founder of Networking Coach is high in demand as a networking speaker and speaker about referrals on events, conferences, seminars, lunch meetings and other events.

According to HR Tribune he is one of the top 10 speakers in Belgium.

A presentation of Jan Vermeiren can be about:

  • The basic principles of networking
  • Practical tips about networking
  • How to get referrals
  • Networking for a job
  • Career & networking
  • Effective networking on events
  • How to network on the Internet
  • Networking & Referrals
  • Effective ways to integrate networking in your sales strategy
  • How to integrate networking in your recruitment strategy
  • Sticky story, elevator story or elevator pitch
  • How to tap into the power of online business networks?
  • How to REALLY use LinkedIn
    • In general
    • To find more customers (for sales people, business owners, account managers, business development managers,...)
    • To find a new job
    • To find new employees
    • To find the people who can help you get your work done faster (experts inside and outside your organisation, suppliers, partners,...)
  • and more.

Click on the icon to get an impression of a presentation about networking or referrals by networking speaker Jan Vermeiren (1 min 12 sec).

The topic of networking is also ideal for conferences. Jan Vermeiren is regularly hired as a networking speaker for:

  • an opening speech: to emphasize the importance of networking between the participants at the conference and to get them in action right away.
  • a closing speech: to give the participants concrete tips how to network on the cocktail drink

At the bottom of this page you will find some examples of interactive networking presentations and presentations about referrals that can be held for your organisation. They only serve as an example, other topics are also possible. All presentations can be varied in length.

If you have your own idea about a topic or if you want a networking presentation or presentation about referrals that is modified to the theme of your conference, the Networking Coach team will happily work with you to create a presentation that the participants will remember for a long time! Contact the Networking Coach team to discuss this further.


Titles of networking / referral presentations

Here are some examples of presentations by Jan Vermeiren as a speaker for several organisations:

  • Everlasting Referrals, no more cold calls (for Antwerp Diamond Bank, Managers for Managers and others).
  • Conference opener "Do you come here often?" Together with Jan De Boeck of Improvement. (for COCD Networkday, Conference NVSM, ADM, Fortis, SOFIA, Nationale Bank van BelgiŽ). Download the description.
  • Does your network work? (for VMA, Femme Totale, Prebes, VALK, VOKA Antwerpen Jongerenkamer)
  • Smart Networking (for VKW Leuven, Ondernemen2006, Belgian Finnish Business Association, Unizo OVO Limburg, VIK, Limburgse Secretaresse Club, Stichting Kwaliteit Limburg)
  • Basic principles of networking at a trade fair. (for Marcom fair)
  • Networking as lever of innovation. (for YEE Regatta Italy)
  • Network towards a new job. (for Vacature)
  • Networking Quick Start (for Business Netwerk Cafe)
  • How to network efficiently at an event (for Inspiration Day DBFact)
  • Networking: why and how? (for Channel Congres and VVSG)
  • Networking, a basic skill of every employee. (for Flemish Government)
  • what's your Sticky Story©? How to present yourself so you will be remembered
  • What are the 7 main reasons that organisations don't get referrals (and what to do about it)?
  • (for VMA, Managers for Managers)
  • How to REALLY use LinkedIn (for GentBC, EMIF, VILV and others)

Here are some quotes from people who hired Jan Vermeiren:

'In an interactive and humorous way Jan Vermeiren gives his audience a number of networking insights. By doing this he succeeds in getting people to take action, not only when they leave the room, but also during the session. It is a very pleasant way to learn about networking ... highly recommended !'
Barbara De Jonghe, People & Personal Development, IBM

'The story Jan Vermeiren, the Networking Coach, told at our conference was inspiring and innovative. He put the focus on your networking attitude. It seems so obvious to network, but reality is many times a total different case. Key note speaker Jan Vermeiren opened the eyes of the participants of our conference by offering them a new 'network awareness'.
Theo Wijnen, conference chair VVSG (Flemish Association of Cities and Towns)

'As a company we are constantly looking for new solutions we can offer to our customers and to improve existing solutions. The networking idea was new for us, but has opened in a very short term new perspectives from a totally unexpected side. Business partners who have nothing in common at first sight, were able to forge new alliances thanks to the networking event we organised. This led to unique value propositions to the end user market. The enthusiastic, refreshing and inspiring approach of key note speaker Jan Vermeiren has inspired the partners to open themselves up for new contacts and ideas.'
Frank Opsomer, Sales Manager Partner Sales Organisation, Sun


PSA Holland, Professional Speakers Association Holland, an organisation for professional speakers by professional speakers

Jan Vermeiren is also member of PSA Holland (Professional Speakers Association Holland), the association that helps speakers from the Netherlands and Flanders to keep on growing as a professional speaker. Jan Vermeiren is the only speaker who was asked to present on the PSA Holland conference in 2008 and 2009 and the first Belgian speaker to present at the national conventions of NSA (USA) and PSA UK.

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