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Presentation | Networking | Training | Referral | Workshop | Speaker | Consulting

The added value of networking

Even though most of the time networking is associated with the commercial world, everybody benefits from “Smart Networking”. Especially in times when the economic climate is unstable, networking offers greater security from the viewpoints of both employers and employees.

For internally-oriented functions in the workplace...

For jobs like Human Resources, Training, Production, R&D, Logistics, Accounting, IT, Management, etc “Smart Networking” has the following advantages:

  • Reaching professional goals faster, with more fun and greater satisfaction
  • Execution of daily tasks faster and more efficiently
  • Obtaining information faster and of better quality, thus being able to take better decisions
  • Getting earlier information about other people’s decisions, to which you will be able to act or react quicker
  • Getting to know the decision-makers and hence become involved in the decision process or, in the worst case, at least be informed sooner
  • Finding a mentor or coach to help you in your career
  • Improving your visibility. This increases your chances of:
    • Pleasant work
    • Promotion
    • Appreciation of others
    • Higher wages
  • Learning. This leads to:
    • Greater job satisfaction
    • Enhanced value for the employer
  • Receiving new ideas from colleagues or discovering new opportunities with them. This leads to:
    • More job satisfaction
    • Self development
    • Greater value for the employer
  • Getting hold of earlier information about vacancies or new jobs
  • Not finding yourself isolated when facing a problem
  • Sharing problems and successes with others
  • And many more...

For externally-oriented functions...

For jobs like Sales, Project leaders and team members, Managing Directors, Management, in addition to the above-mentioned advantages “Smart Networking” also brings:

  • Quicker access to information on what is going on outside the company. As a consequence you will:
    • be able to react better and faster to the needs of the external party
    • reduce the turnover of your customers
    • discover new opportunities faster
    • spend less time on useless communications
  • Calls that are warm or hot, instead of cold. As a consequence you will have:
    • a higher success ratio for making appointments and closing deals
    • higher job satisfaction
    • less time wasted
    • more fruitful appointments
    • more time to take care of the quality of your proposals
    • proposals that are not vague or pointless
  • Increase sales by:
    • Cross-selling
    • New sales opportunities
  • And so on.

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