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Referral Training Courses

No more cold calls! How to get prequalified prospects via your network.

The Networking Coach offers you following referral courses:

  • Booming Business Training Course: 2 days or 4 sessions
  • The Power of Networking and Referrals: 3 days or 6 sessions

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Besides these referral training courses which are geared towards sales representatives, small business owners, sales managers, business development managers, freelancers and other profiles who want to get their business via their network instead of having to make cold calls, there are also networking training courses which are suited for every profile.

On the rest of this page you will find more information about the referral training courses. You can also download this information right away in PDF format:


Result of the referral training courses

The Networking Coach team will make sure that at the end of the referral training courses you will improve your sales results. You will:

  • Receive introductions and referrals spontaneously (in other words: less cold calls!)
  • Have meetings with prequalified prospects so your chances to have success will increase and less waste of time with people who will never become a customer
  • Get better closing ratios with new prospects, so more sales in less time
  • Receive also referrals from new customers
  • Reach your sales goals faster and easier
  • Attract opportunities with no extra effort
  • Feel more comfortable at receptions and other business events
  • Use the tools more efficiently so you save time and get more referrals with less effort
  • In the Power of Networking and Referral training course introductions and referrals are actively exchanged so the participation fee will be earned back almost immediately

A nice side effect is that the participants really get into networking and referring and start to help each other. In the past several sales, cooperations and other opportunities were realised during the training !


Background of the referral training course

All referral training courses are a mix of short theoretic background information and practical exercises. Interactivity is key at all training courses of Networking Coach. Networking and referring is a verb!

We work with exercises, role playing, home assignments and personal coaching (on the spot, via e-mail and via an internet forum). There is enough time to practice and get to know the other participants.


Practical details of the referral training courses

  • The "Booming Business Training Course" consists of 4 parts. Every part lasts 3 hours.
  • The "Power of Networking and Referrals Training Course" lasts 3 days.

What else do you get, next to the training course?

  • Between two sessions the participants receive referral assignments.

  • After the referral training course the participants receive during 6 or 12 months (depending on the course) weekly referral assignments and referral tips via e-mail. In this way we can guarantee that the referral training courses really produce results !


Target group of the referral training courses

These are training courses for sales people and (small) business owners. The focus is to tap into the power of your network to get enough (prequalified!) prospects so you never have to make a cold call again. This kind of training course is also suited to stimulate referrals between different sales teams of one company or daughter companies of a holding company.


Content of the referral training courses

  • Booming Business Training Course: Download the description of the Booming Business Course (PDF).
  • Power of Networking and Referrals Training Course: Download the description of the Power of Networking and Referrals Course (PDF).

    Open referral training courses

    The referral training courses are held as open training courses on a regular basis. See the calendar.


    In-company referral training courses

    The referral training courses are also organised for many organisations (profit and non-profit). Some of the components can be adapted, expanded or left out. The Networking Coach team happily works together with you to deliver the most optimal referral training course.


    Fee, date and registration of the open referral training courses

    Fee You find the fee for this training course in the price list.
    Date Look in the calendar for the next “open referral training course”. When there is no training course planned in your area, contact us and we'll see what we can work out.
    Contact us for an in-company referral training course, whether or not adapted to the situation of your company or organisation.

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